Thrifty Thursday’s *Late Post*

So sorry for this late post I almost didn’t put it up because it was behind. But I loved my outfit from last week that the thought quickly passed. My job has a pretty casual dress code so for the most part we can stroll in with jeans. Although every now and then we will be required to dress up.

One thing definitely worth going to the thrift store will be for business casual clothes. I use to go to the big department stores and buy all my business clothing and would spend $200.00 on what seemed to be nothing. Now I head over to my favorite thrift shop Mega Thrift and rack up.

This look was all under $15.00 and that includes my nude Nine West pumps (score)!


I love prints and patterns and I love to mix them but this day I decided to keep it simple. My pants are the focal point so I paired it with a neutral top and cardigan. I added a choker that I already had under the collar to give it a finished polished look. Wore my hair in a half up/down style.

With Halloween around the corner I was thinking about putting together costumes that you can get quickly and affordable at your local thrift store.


Thrifty Thursday’s

Hey! So I’ve been wanting to a post like this for some time now. Going forward Thursday’s will be Thrifty Thursday’s where I go and shop my local thrift shops to find amazing outfits for WAY less.

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE thrifting and yard sales, you never know what your going to find. It’s like a treasure hunt. After all one mans trash is another mans (woman in this case) treasure. I can go to any department store and buy a shirt, skirt or dress that 30 other people bought. But why, when I can go and find something unique to showcase my personal style.

My personal favorite local thrift store is Mega Thrift, they have the best clothing.  Everyday they have tag sales where that particular color tag is an additional 50% off. This really allows you to save.

You can find a over sized dress with a great print and with just some small alterations you can having something totally different and amazing.

But enough of that on to the good stuff!! I’ve been obsessed with the 90’s and everything about their fashion. So this outfit has a bit of that .



Top is a simple high collar tee – wording says ‘ Little Miss Little Miss Can’t Do Wrong’ ($1.00 – Mega Thrift)
Shorts are original Lee’s that I’ve cut up and rolled up ($3.00 – Mega Thrift)
White combat boots ($4.50 – Goodwill)
Black shades ($1.00 – Goodwill)

Seriously whole outfit including shoes less than $10.00!!

I’m googly eyes over my boots and I cannot wait to put some more outfits together with them.


I really want to change the perception of consignment shops it’s not just for people who can’t afford to go to the big department stores. I think a lot of people are starting to venture to see what they have to offer.

Going forward I want to do post about how to find an item and how to alter it to fit your style and taste. So keep an eye out every Thursday!

FullSizeRender (1) IMG_4505



How to get the perfect cat eye EVERY TIME!

Hello lovelies!

So I’ve been asked how I do my eyeliner and manage to get both sides even. Honestly this is a skill that is perfected with practice but I’ve been there I’ll get one side perfect [BOOM I’m in love] and then when I do the other side and it looks like I let my 6 year go at it.

So I’ve come up with a way to get it done perfectly every time and it’s so much faster. It really is a fool proof way to get that cat eye that  everyone loves.

Now there are 2 ways you can get the look – with a eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner (which is it’s own beast). My method is using the pencil which I find much easier for those days you’re trying to get out of the house quickly.

All you need is your favorite eyeliner pencil and a concealer brush (any flat stiff brush will do)

1. You start by lining the your eye making it thicker at the corner and thinning it out as you go towards the inside of your eye
2. Once you’ve got that you’ll take the brush and lightly go over the line to smooth it all out
3. Last you’ll just slightly drag the liner out to your preferred length

** TIP sometimes as you pull it out it becomes too light. If you go back with the liner and just darken the corner again you’ll be able to drag out a darker line. **


I’ve found this so much easier to do and less time consuming then using the liquid liner, which is especially helpful on work days when I’m rushing out the door.

Hope this helps out. Do you have any tips on getting that perfect cat eye leave it in the comments.

Product Review – it Cosmetics Brow Power

Okay ladies so I wanted to do a review on this product that I received in my June Ipsy subscription. It’s marketed as a universal eyebrow pencil, the harder you press down the darker the color. It costs $24.00 but right now on Ulta website it’s selling for $12.00! Talk about a deal.

I really love this eyebrow pencil and will be buying it again. The unique shape of the pencil itself really allows you to shape your eyebrows. It’s flat and has a rectangle/square shape. It also has a brow brush attached to one end which is really convenient.

Below is how I fill in my eyebrows.

1. I use the brow brush to tame my wild brows
2. Then I follow my natural arch and lightly fill in any empty spaces
3. Last I use the brush to blend everything together

That’s it, it’s so easy.

PicMonkey Collage

What do you think have any of you used this product?

A night out

Hola amores/Hey loves

So my BFF birthday was this past weekend and there was no force keeping me from going out. This was the first time out with friends for drinks and dinner in about a year! So with that in mind I just had to go all out.

When trying to figure out what I was going to wear I thought hey why not try and make my outfit. I’m trying to get better with my sewing and the best way to learn is practice, practice, practice!

So I decided on a simple pencil skirt and was going to do a matching crop top but saw this CUTE DIY denim crop top from jeans, so I rolled with that.

And here’s what I ended up with….


This top was so easy! I just loved how cute and different it was. I paired it with a nice statement necklace and bracelet. I also wore my Remy hair extensions that I just LOVE.

You think I should do a tutorial on the skirt and top?


Beyonce inspired look #minimetrending

I have been playing a little more with my sewing machine and trying to step out of my comfort zone. I saw this picture of Beyonce and was immediately inspired!


I thought I just have to try to make this. On Instagram there is a mini me trending that I have joined. I figure it will be easier to practice on my daughter then try to make myself one. This way I won’t waste as much fabric if I mess up.

Well here are the pictures we took yesterday. I just love that she loves to dress up and get her hair done. She really is my real life baby doll that I get to dress up.


Getting her modeling on lol she cracks me up


I so see myself in her the older she gets.


What do you think, did she nail it?

Alexis ❤

How to dress a Plaid Skirt


I went thrifting yesterday and came across this plaid skirt for my mini and fell in love! I have been wanting one for her for a while now. I was planning on making her one but hadn’t had the chance to. When the cashier said it was $2.00 and if I would still like to take it, why yes, yes I would. As soon as we got home we jumped on Pinterest and Yanessa feel in love with this picture and we hurried to recreate the look with her personal twist.

Here is the Pin we saw


And here is Yanessa’s look


We added some knee high socks and some boots in lieu of the heels. I loved how it gave it that rocker/chic look and feel. Here are a few more shots.

She has lost both her front teeth!! Talk about cute. My how my baby is growing.




Have a great day loves!!